Thursday, 10 August 2017

WOK cont'd

Went for Soak class and received impartation for WOK. 

Tried it out during the exercises and I saw "the moon" for one lady. I was not sure how to interpret that.. was she a night owl kinda person or did it have anything to do with Diana Artemis? 

Turns out that her middle name in Chinese means "moon". Other wok were accurate too and the ladies were blessed and me likewise. I got, "You're an encourager, a positive and creative person whose hands are special."  All which I know already but it's nice to be affirmed. Wooty woot!  Excited to step out more in faith.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Friday Shopping Fiesta

Dropped by Seven on the way home and scored this rad orange angel wings dress plus a few others. The sunset was extra beautiful!

Enjoy le colorful shapes camouflaging the messy-assedness that is my room. Fully intend on clearing that ish up in the near future but not tonight.
Shopping = cardio and I'm crashing in 3-2-1...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Thankful people attract breakthrough. 

- Bill Johnson


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Prophetic Word

 From Laurie Roars

A Word through Kevin Robinson that will minister to some of you right now at this exact moment in your life.... 🗝

'A quick and pivotal decision is in order. Something has been held up for too long and now it is time to move on.

There is no time like the present to open the gate and let the proverbial horses run free.

Stop procrastinating and become proactive. The days of reacting should be gone by the wayside now.
You have matured much more than you know or realize. Therefore, be firm and move forward.'

Matthew 5:37 (NLT) "Just say a simple, 'Yes, I will,' or 'No, I won't.' Anything beyond this is from the evil one."

**I've recently been confessing, I am free from all shame and condemnation. 
I had a vision today where I saw many of God's people walking in the garden with Jesus. I noticed the countenance of many of these ones, they were heavy laden, confused, disorientated and their hearts were fearful. Many of them were even struggling to look at Jesus. Their heads hung low and looking at the ground.
I then noticed above them was a HUGE black/grey storm cloud, and this cloud was raining on them, there was lightening and the thunder coming from this cloud was LOUD. I saw the word written across and inside the cloud "CONDEMNATION". This cloud of condemnation was SCREAMING ACCUSATION and RAINING heaviness down upon these ones. Even though they were in a beautiful place of intimacy with Jesus, there was life all around, the flowers were blossoming, there was fruitfulness, favour and increase, their hearts were heavy. This cloud had come out of nowhere and was screaming ACCUSATION into different areas of their heart. I could hear the ACCUSATIONS and they were all based around "You are displeasing God", "You are disobeying God", "God is not pleased with you", "You are on the wrong track", "You haven't done enough", "You are hindering the plan of God for your life." This cloud of condemnation had found areas of the heart were their were wrong beliefs of who they were, who He is, or major fear. This cloud was screaming it's accusation of God's displeasure and adding more and more fear. This cloud was even screaming at areas that God is breathing on and adding INCREASE to, but saying that they were the things to be laid down in this season which is a deception. These areas especially, were areas where many of God's people had been fighting "Giants" in that land, and because the "Giants" haven't been overcome yet, this cloud of condemnation was screaming that these things must be given up to overcome. Where Jesus was actually decreeing, I am setting you free and you are overcoming with INCREASE, AS you CONTINUE TO MOVE in these lands and areas.
I then saw the cloud suddenly shift. A moment of breakthrough came where, the cloud of condemnation, turned to a cloud of refreshing, a cloud of life and awakening, raining down His delight. A cloud of REVELATION. The cloud of His Glory and goodness raining down upon them and dismantling this assault of condemnation. Life, truth, joy and peace was being released in the revelation of His goodness, kindness, delight in them and His GOOD PLANS for them in this season. There was also a REAFFIRMATION being released to REASSURE their hearts that they were on the right track and the right place at the right time.
"The earth shook beneath your feet; the heavens filled with clouds before the presence of the God of Sinai. The sacred mountain shook at the sight of the face of Israel's God! You sent the REVIVING RAIN upon the WEARY land, SHOWERS of BLESSINGS to REFRESH it. So there your people settled. And in your KINDNESS you provided the poor with abundance." (Psalm 68:8-10 - The Passion Translation)
In this season there is a highlight on the "LION IS ROARING" and the Lord showed me that the lion, the one who seeks to devour, is roaring loudly. The enemy is prowling around like a roaring lion seeking one to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) Be alert! The enemy is roaring with lies, accusations and fear.
I want to encourage you, that THE LION OF JUDAH is ROARING over your life. He is ROARING and BREAKING the lies and assaults of the enemy with His truth and authority. Ask the Lord for discernment, for the prowling lion is roaming whispering in ways to attempt to "sound" like the Lord, but it's deception. You will know it by its fruit. The Lord is fighting FOR YOU. He is ROARING BREAKTHROUGH, AWAKENING and INCREASE and RESTORING THE ROAR IN YOU! You're going higher! You are being extended!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Finally lunch!! Omg WOK for healing is so funnn.

Went to my fave acai place and got a WOK for the very pretty young lady working there. I heard, "She's close to her grandma and her grandmother has diabetes." I was like Lord, it's gone' be hella awkward if I'm wrong cos I come here sooo often, but whatever!

Explained that I'm a Christian who's learning to hear God better and long story short, she has one grandma left who has diabetes and also knee problems. Only she didn't seem sure if she was very close to her. Probs got that bit wrong.

Prayed for the grandma to be healed and asked the young lady to call her asap and check if her blood sugar has gone down. Will find out the results on my next acai run!

Actually, I had the impression about her grandma 2 weeks ago, except she was busy with many customers in the shop so I chickened out!

Our God is such a wonderful God of second chances! He longs so much to reach out to His lost kids and He can use anyone who's willing! Even when I'm unwilling He still can work through me lol!

The more we step out, the easier it gets! As Curry Blake says, the power of God is mechanical. Not some wispy thing!


Rawrrr! Thank you God for the gift of word of knowledge!

I finally got a "healing WOK" correct! Usually I get info bout the person's personality and what they love doing/hobbies etc. But finally it's about a medical thing! woot! 🤗

I was asking God bout my Indian taxi driver this morning and I heard "sore throat". Now, because recently we had prayed for another Indian man with sore throat and he was healed, naturally my first thought was maybe I'm hearing some remnant of a memory triggered by the driver's profile. Talk about racial profiling! lol

Finally decreed to myself, "I died and Christ lives in me, to live is Christ!" (thanks Wilson for yr outreach tips! super helpful) and overcame my distaste for awkwardness if I was wrong and asked if he had a sore throat.
He did! He looked majorly freaked out though, cos my question came out of nowhere as I was having a silent conversation with God. So I quickly shared that God wants to heal him plus a condensed gospel and my testimony.

That opened him up right away and He let me pray but reported no change at first. I prayed again and asked him to check again, but couldn't get his answer as we were parked on a main road and I had to get out after paying. But I'm sure God completed healing his throat! He was looking really amazed that God would know he was sick and thanked me very nicely. I threw in a "Jesus loves you!" for good measure.

Please agree with me in prayer that the Lord will inundate him with evangelists to water and harvest by today and that this lovely man will be saved and know the Father's love asap! Thank youu!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

MYSTICAL UNION by John Crowder

Every Christian should read this book! Clears up so much stuff that confused me in the Bible.

Mystical Union by John Crowder (excerpts too good not to share!)

Taking up your cross
Stop looking at sufferings and persecutions from an outward, external perspective. Although Stephen was being stoned in the body, yet he was experiencing a rapturous, out-of-body experience seeing Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father (Acts 7).
Paul clearly remembered the death of this first martyr. He stood there that day, batting for the other team. Paul was the jacket caddie while the fat cat Pharisees shot bogies. You have to understand that Paul was not depressed while going through these persecutions.
Persecution does not equal depression. In fact, it ignites a wellspring of supernatural bliss and Glory within you. These brief troubles don’t hold a candle to the immeasurable weight of Glory they produce in us (2 Cor. 4: 17).
*Because you are in union with Christ, He does not leave you to suffer for Him alone. The Lord promises innumerable blessings to us through the atonement. Forgiveness. Healing. Prosperity. Supernatural power. Reconciliation. Adoption. Joy. The blessings are endless.

But … He also guarantees persecution to His followers! Yet, He makes this an easy pill to swallow with His deep consolations, so there’s no room for self-pity. The blessings always outweigh it all, both now and later. On top of that, remember that it is not Jesus who is persecuting you! He loves you! So don’t misjudge Him.
He also doesn’t want you to be an ignorant dolt and go out looking for trouble and self-harm. He actually tells us to avoid persecution, unless love or righteousness requires it at the moment. Don’t take a spirit of suicide onboard. Suicide and religion are the same thing.

Hopefully, this should now clarify another often misunderstood verse, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me” (Luke 14: 27, NASB).
Simply put, Jesus is saying lose sight of yourself. On one hand, we should be ready for persecution and troubles to come if we are going to follow Him. But even in that, His yoke is easy and light. The Lord doesn’t say that tribulations won’t come. But He does promise to bring you through them with joy unspeakable and full of Glory!

Don’t be self-focused, but be God-focused. It’s really Him suffering through you.

In no way is Jesus saying you have to die for your own sinfulness by carrying your own cross. Nor is He saying that you still have a sinful nature to continually destroy.

He Took Your Cross
At the end of the day, you really don’t even get to carry your own cross. This is such an idol in the church! Religious people love to boast about the “cross they are carrying.”
When Jesus talks about denying yourself and taking up your cross, this is really a passage about ceasing from your own self-efforts and self-driven attempts at spiritual advancement. Let self be smudged totally out of the equation.

“In the eternal sense this verse means that we are to follow after Christ’s sacrifice, not mimic it, but trust in it alone for our salvation and sustainment,” writes our friend Ben Dunn in The Happy Gospel. “The sense here in this scripture is not self-sacrifice in the way that most would see it. It actually is a call to deny any heavenly advancement through self-achievement."

Let me ask you a question. If you get to carry your own cross, then whose cross did Jesus die upon? Did He deserve His cross? I’m sorry …I may have missed something here. …What sin did Jesus commit to deserve His cross? What crime was done to merit such punishment? Oh …wait a minute friend. He didn’t commit a crime …you did! Jesus was carrying your punishment.

Any system of religious belief that puts the emphasis on what you need to do for the Lord, rather than what He has done for you, detracts from the Glory of God and spits on the work of the gospel.

God actually wants to boast in single-handedly saving the world. Christianity was originally called Good News. It used to be a happy message that people wanted to be a part of. The original version of the gospel seemed too good to be true. That’s why it spread like wildfire. Heaven as a free gift. Your sinfulness abolished. Effortless union with God. Amazing benefits! Easy, instant soul purge.

Let me tell you, if the gospel you’ve heard is not too good to be true, it probably isn’t. The frequency of the gospel always inspires, always brings life and hope. The flavor and sound of the true gospel never puts rule and regulation and heavy trips on you. Never makes you feel you have to live up to any systematic expectations for acceptance. It always encourages, always hopes, always trusts, and always loves.
Some would accuse us of preaching a candy-coated gospel. That’s not entirely true. This gospel is not just candy-coated. It also has bubble gum in the middle.

The gospel is truly a one-step program. Verses of scripture that are misquoted or taken out of context so as to indicate that sanctification is an “ongoing process” often confuse people.
One of these common misinterpretations leads people to believe we must “work out our salvation”with fear and trembling. Sounds like a big, scary responsibility! Opening your Bible and plopping your finger down on a random verse to hear the word of the Lord is no better than using a ouija board. But that’s how people throw around these verses, having no grid for their contextual meaning.

This verse is a classic example. Here is the scenario in context. When Paul was writing to the Philippians, he was in prison. He knew that the odds were stacked against him to ever return to Philippi again. It is for this reason that he told the Philippians they would need to sort out the goodies of salvation on their own. Paul would no longer be around to warn them of the Judaizing legalists. They would need to grow up and not just drink from Paul’s revelation any longer.

Arthur S. Way translates this verse brilliantly: Since I am far away …work out, with fear and self-distrust, ay, with trembling self-distrust, your own salvation. You have not to do it in your unaided strength: it is God who is all the while supplying the impulse, giving you the power to resolve, the strength to perform, the execution of His good-pleasure (Phil. 2: 12-13, WAY).

Paul is actually saying here that we should not rely on our own efforts for this salvation! He is saying don’t trust yourself to handle this honey pot. Distrust yourself! It is God who does it all, and it is God who you should rely upon.

Is it possible that this verse actually means the very opposite of what we’ve been taught? It is not about your own sweaty work out. It is about not trusting yourself to work it out at all. It is a fearful thing to trust your own efforts for any aspect of salvation.

Freedom to Sin or From Sin?
In saying that the old nature is dead, we are not at all advocating sin . Some would foolishly believe, “Since I am no longer a sinner, now it’s perfectly OK for me to sin!” This is the same ridiculous argument that Paul had to deal with in his day. It was also a core belief in the Roman version of gnosticism.

For this reason, he predicated the entire passage of Romans 6 by saying: Now what is our response to be? Shall we sin to our heart’s content and see how far we can exploit the grace of God? What a ghastly thought! We, who have died to sin –how could we live in sin a moment longer? (Rom. 6: 1-2, PHI)
Clarence Jordan’s Cotton Patch Version of Paul’s Epistles is a bit more candid, showing just how blunt the Apostle’s language is on this matter: So what are we advocating? “Let’s wallow in sin, so more grace may pour forth”? Hell, no! (Rom. 6: 1, CPG)

This is not freedom to sin; it is freedom from sin. Don’t get into a filthy perversion of the doctrine of grace by thinking you can now go sin to your heart’s content. That’s stupid. Why would you sin if you are no longer a sinner? Some would pervert the intent of Paul’s statement that “all things are permissible,”and use it as a license to be naughty. Because we preach on freedom from the sinful nature, we have seen some people pervert this truth, just as they did with Paul’s teachings.

Never be dissuaded from the truth, just because a few bandits try to push it to a heretical extreme. Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said, “Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess which will itself need reforming .”Likewise, Theodore Roosevelt quipped, “Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.”

Not "Becoming" Holy
Holiness is both demanded and empowered. Jesus said "be perfect". Prophetic minister Graham Cooke says this is not merely a command. Jesus speaks it into you as a benediction – just as He said let there be light. His word forms it within you: be ye perfect. Holiness is demand and empowered, but it is also qualified. He clearly defines the degree and type of holiness He requires.

Be perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect (Matt. 5: 48, LNT). How holy are you to be? As Holy as the Father. That’s the definition and degree of this requirement. “In other words,”writes Christian perfection advocate Asa Mahan, “we are here required to be as perfect, as holy, as free from all sin, in our sphere as creatures, as God is in His as our Creator and our Sovereign."

Now that is a high order! If this is something that comes progressively –or something you can accomplish –please tell me how far along the holiness scale are you? Are you forty percent pure? Eighty percent pure? How about ninety-eight percent pure? Did you know that there is no such thing as ninety-eight percent pure? Imagine a nice, cold crisp glass of sparkling water. Someone cheerfully hands it to you and says, “Enjoy this! It is ninety-eight percent pure. …Only two percent poop particles.” (LOL!)

I don’t think you want to drink that glass. There is no such thing as partially holy. You are either holy or you are not. There is no in-between. Almost pure is an imaginary concept. Would you like for your spouse to sleep with you 364 days a year, and only spend one night a year in a stranger’s bed? By my calculations, that is 99.73 percent faithful. And it is not faithful at all.

You are not becoming holy. That is an incongruous concept. If a process were involved, then by nature it would be a process that never ends. At no point in time would you ever arrive. You are adding an unnecessary and obfuscating element to the cross –you are requiring the element of time.

Granted, there are numerous verses that speak of those who are “becoming holy” or “becoming sanctified.” But this generally applies to people corporately becoming holy by getting saved, or else you are just looking at a bad translation of the verse in question.

I will give you one example: For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified (Heb. 10: 14). As you see here, the perfection has happened past tense, on the cross, because he “has perfected” them. But to the naïve eye, it seems that there’s still an ongoing process of sanctification in this verse.

Those “being sanctified” means those coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Simple. The same could be said that, “All of my friends are becoming married.” This does not mean that each couple spends decades tying the knot in a tuxedo and a bridal gown . It happens in a single ceremony.

Check out the God’s Word Translation, which says,

“With one sacrifice He accomplished the work of setting them apart for God forever.”

We do not have time to discuss every bad translation here, nor do we want to waste time with endless apologetics . But I challenge you to research any verse that seems to pull away from Christ’s completed work on the cross. I guarantee it is merely a mistranslation or interpretation problem.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


The Lord made Zechariah silent for 9 months probably so that he wouldn't mess up the miracle... cos many miracles are aborted by what we say.

Questions are normal for the believer... you can't develop trust without questions. You have to have mystery, or you can't develop a life of trust. There's no need for trust if there's no mystery.

It's actually essential that you live in the middle of things you can't control, you can't explain. That's where trust is cultivated. Faith pleases God.

Saturday, 8 October 2016


We don't fast to move God, we fast to move ourselves.

We fast to:
1. Loose the bands of wickedness

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


God is good! Hence the dancing zebra.

Last Saturday at Soak, I prayed for a friend Tammie, who had an old injury in her right ankle. There'd been a fracture and it was supposed to be healed but she still had a level 5 pain there, which prevented her from dancing as much as she would've liked to. Prayed for pain to go and it reduced to a 3. Once more and there was just a little pain left. Prayed the last time and there was no more pain. She started doing pirouettes! haha Praise God! Later on, it was so nice to watch her dance her heart out while worshiping Jesus.

Saturday, 7 May 2016


After church on Saturday night, was heading home and saw one of the younger churchgoers sitting on the steps and rubbing his knee. He looked like he was wincing so I asked if he was okay. Said his right knee had been hurting for a couple of weeks and he wasn't sure what it was. The pain was a level 5. So asked if I could pray and he told me to go ahead. Prayed once for the pain to go and he tried it out and it was gone! Praise Jesus! He seemed surprised that it was gone and said he hoped it would last. So prayed to seal the healing and that the pain would not come back.Will check with him next week to see how it goes. Love it when people are healed!
 In the past it took like 2 - 5 prayers for the person's pain to go completely. But this was only one prayer! wheeee God is so good!